Welcome to the Travelling Loom

Welcome to the Travelling Loom

Welcome to my new blog series, The Travelling Loom. Every few weeks, The Travelling Loom (one of my Mini Weaving Kits) will be heading off to a different fibre artist to document their experience with create a mini weaving. The idea of this blog is to offer the readers a look into the creative experiences of various fibre artists using the same loom and tools and to provide inspiration for emerging weavers. Some blog posts may be a tutorial to create a similar weaving, or they may be an insight into the artists process of weaving and use of materials and their inspirations. 

If you are a fibre artist and would like to have a visit from the travelling loom, or you'd like to nominate one of your favourite fibre artists, leave a comment below ❤️

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Oh I would totally love to be part of the travelling loom!! If you would be happy to select me, it would be an honor!
thanks for considering,
Smiles Sharnee :)


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