"Weaving is a craft that takes practice and patience but once you have the fundamental techniques honed, there are no limits to what you can create." Rainie Owen, The Woven Home

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Yarn & Roving

I've drawn on my years of experience as a fibre artist to bring you a range of yarn and roving that is so perfect for this craft. It's a collection that I have spent years sourcing, creating and experimenting in my own works. 

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Spinning & Fibre Prep

Making your own yarn is a truly wonderful way of levelling up your work. Do you dream of a yarn that doesn't exist? Well in this collection you'll find plenty of tools to help you create it yourself! 

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Handmade Ceramics by U*P Pottery

Mr & Mrs Unusual Pear have been hard at work creating a sibling for The Unusual Pear & so excited to announce we are now taking orders for our custom ceramics. All pieces listed are made to order, so you can choose which colour you'd like your piece glazed in. We will be listing some ready-to-ship-pieces early December. 

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Hi! I'm Rainie 👋

I'm the sole trader here at The Unusual Pear. I design the products, spin and dye the yarns, pack and post all your orders and almost everything else!

My husband Beynon is hard at work in our garden studio doing all the woodwork, as well as making his own beautiful creations for U*P Pottery. And in case you were wondering where the name comes from, together we make a very unusual pair 😉

Please reach out if you'd like help or need something custom made, I can't wait to hear from you.

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