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Weaving Shuttles


Bamboo Weaving Shuttles

Small Bamboo Shuttle - 15.5cm (6inch)

Large Bamboo Shuttle - 21cm (8.5inch)

The Shuttle Set is 10% off!

The weaving shuttles are great for weaving long lengths of yarn, you simply wind the yarn onto the shuttles and you're ready to weave! The tips have been sanded into points just like the needles for easily getting over and under the warps. 

You do not need to use a shuttle with round weaving.

The Unusual Pear weaving looms and tools are lightweight, durable and easy to use. They are suitable for all ages and are perfect for beginners! These weaving supplies are designed by Rainie Owen of The Unusual Pear and are laser cut in Sydney, Australia with beautiful  FSC certified bamboo. Each bamboo loom, needle and comb are sanded by hand.

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