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Lupy Lane

Weaving Needle

Weaving Needle

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One size fits all! - 18cm (7")

Designed & made in Australia 
By Lupy Lane and laser cut in Sydney, Australia with sustainably sourced FSC certified spotted gum solid timber. Each piece is sanded smooth by my husband and I in our home studio. 

What's it for?
A weaving needle is one of my most used tools for weaving. It is used to pick over and under the warp threads, carrying the yarn to create the weaving. It features a large threading eye to suit all types of yarn.
How to use
- Select your yarn and place the end through the hole of the needle.
- Cut a length of yarn about a wing span (the size of your arms spread out) long and cut from the ball. 
- Begin weaving. The tip at the end of the needle has been sanded down to a point, making it easy to pick over and under each warp thread. 
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