RENT ME | Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms

RENT ME - Available to Australian residents only

Rental price per month: 40cm $24.00 / 60cm $27.00 / 80cm $30.00 / 120cm $40.00

Bond: $80.00
Refundable upon return & inspection. 

Rental Agreement

Rental Price Per Month

The rental price is calculated at 10% of the retail price. The price listed is per month. If you wish to rent the equipment for longer, you can rent for up to 3 months. Each month will incur an additional rental fee to be paid at the beginning of each month.

The rental date starts the day equipment arrives to you and ends 30 days after. The rental equipment is to be sent back the day after the rental period has finished or if falls on a weekend or holiday, is to be sent back the next business day.


With each piece of equipment rented, there will be a bond to be paid. This bond will be refunded within 7 days of the rental equipment being returned and inspected. If during inspection, there is any sign of damage, the bond may be fully or partially witheld. It is very important when shipping the equipment back, that it is returned with all original packaging – including padding.


There is the option for Local Pick Up in Lambton 2299 at the checkout to void the shipping charges. 

Upon completion of the rental period, the equipment must be returned in its original, condition (in which it came to you) and with all original packaging and including all accessories, parts and manuals that it came with. The return address will be emailed to you at the end of the rental period.

Purchasing Equipment

If you have decided you would like to purchase the equipment you have rented, the bond and return shipping fee may be withheld as part payment, with the balance to be paid within 14 days. There will be a 10% discount on used rental equipment and a 5% discount on new equipment.



Rigid Heddle Looms

  • Affordable and versatile
  • quick and easy to warp and weave
  • portable
  • double heddle option
  • 4 widths 

Everything is included in the kit. Quick and easy to assemble and warp. The Rigid Heddle is a great introduction to hand weaving but is also very versatile.

Create beautiful and unique garments and homewares. The loom can also make woven tapestries and wall hangings. Made from Silver Beech hardwood the loom is very strong and robust.

Second Heddle Kit included. Having a second heddle allows you the flexibility to weave double the width, double layer, double density fabrics as well as allowing you to experiment with exciting patterns.

Indirect Warping Option. All Standard Rigid Heddle Looms now have pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the rails so you can use your loom as a warping frame for the indirect warping method. If you'd like to purchase a set of 14 pegs for indirect warping, let me know!


Available in four weaving widths
40, 60, 80 and 120cm (16, 24, 32, 48ins)

Included accessories

  • Reed nylon 7.5dpi (30/10)
  • 2x natural shuttles
    • 25cm (10") - 2 x 46cm (18")
    • 40cm (16") - 2 x 46cm (18")
    • 60cm (24") - 2 x 56cm (22")
    • 80cm (32") - 1 x 56cm, 1 x 76cm (22", 30")
    • 120cm (48") - 2 x 120cm (48")
  • step by step instruction booklet
  • double end warp threading hook
  • warping peg and clamp 

How is the Rigid Heddle Loom different from the Sampleit Loom?

The Rigid Heddle Loom is heavier and therefore more timber component, also more versatile as you can add the freedom roller and table stand. The Second Heddle Kit is now also included.  

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