Elwood Handspun Yarn - Billie

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Fibre Content 
50% merino wool 50% premium cotton yarn trimmings

Billie is a tomboy who is affectionate, bold and cheeky. She's playful, animated and terribly clumsy.

Elwood Handspun Yarn by The Unusual Pear

These scrap-tastic handspun yarns have been thoughtfully made with cotton rope scraps collected by Esther, who is a fibre artist based in Newcastle, NSW (just a 10 minute drive from my place) who creates beautiful macrame artworks, using premium quality ropes and strings. You can see Esther's beautiful creations at Elwood Mac 

I have given these trimmings a New Life by hand carding them together with my Wild Drum Carder and then spinning them on my Electric Spinning Wheel to create these truly unique and wonderful yarns. 

Want me to spin your scraps? I now offer a scrap spinning service where you can send me your yarn trimmings and I will give them a New Life and spin them into beautiful yarns for you. Click here for more info. 


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