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Core Spun Alpaca and Merino Rug Yarn - Oatmeal - 870g

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870g skein of 100% Australian Alpaca / Merino Rug Yarn

 Oatmeal - light tan, medium brown, chocolate brown, light grey tones

This is enough yarn to make a blanket / bed throw or a collection of cushions. 


Knit it, Crochet it or Weave it!


As these yarns are made by hand, they are very minimally processed - it is not uncommon to find little bits of organic vegetation (bits of twig or hay) stuck in the alpaca fibre. You can easily pick this out with your fingers.  

These beautifully soft yarns are made right here in NSW Australia by a husband/wife team who have spent the last 18 years making and developing this yarn. It is a core spun yarn, (natural jute twine as the core) and it is fairly rigid, while being very soft to touch. It can be used for warp or weft. It can also be used for knitting, crochet and macrame! 


The process of making the yarn

The rug yarn is produced by tumbling the fleece, then washing it and allowing it to dry before running it through the Picker machine to separate the washed fleece into individual fibres for further processing. From the Picker it is then put through the Fibre Separator machine and into the Carder. The Carder aligns the fibres so they can be spun onto a jute twine as it leaves the Carder. The finished rug yarn is drawn onto a roll. Unlike processing of normal yarn, rug yarn can include those shorter fibres which are not really suitable for yarn because of the unique way the equipment spins off the fibres onto the jute twine. As you can imagine, that adds up to A LOT of time to make this beautiful yarn.


If making useable/wearable items, the care instructions are as follows: 

Hand wash in cool water with a small amount of mild wool wash. Lay flat in bottom of a sink and gently pat the item down while rinsing. Dry flat with towel underneath.


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