I wrote a book!

I spent the whole of 2019 working on my first and only book baby and can I tell you, I didn't hold back. 

I wrote everything you need to know about weaving looms and tools, warp yarns and weft yarns. I wrote extensive guides on warping the loom, various weaving techniques and how to create perfect tension in your work.

What's more you ask? I also created 18 beautiful projects to adorn your home with, plus how to make a DIY weaving loom. 

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Lindsey has generously given me an exclusive discount for all my beautiful customers to use with her coveted online Foundations Weaving Class, which is a culmination of all the foundational techniques every tapestry weaver needs to know - no matter where you are on your weaving journey - to improve quickly, and be ready to take on advanced projects.

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Spinning Bamboo Fibre
Spinning Bamboo Fibre

by Rainie Owen November 05, 2021

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What size frame loom is right for me & which kit should I purchase?
What size frame loom is right for me & which kit should I purchase?

by Rainie Owen September 21, 2020

I'm here to answer all the big questions. This of this blog post as an answer to all those frequently asked questions!

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Spinning on a Wheel
Spinning on a Wheel

by Rainie Owen September 21, 2020 1 Comment

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I'm based in Newcastle, Australia and usually run workshops at least once a month locally. As you can imagine, that's a little hard right now with the current COVID-19 situation we have found ourselves in. So, I'm taking a bit of a break for the rest of 2020. My husband and I are about to start building a new studio in our backyard in Lambton where we will both be able to work from AND hold workshops and private lessons in the future. We are very much looking forward to sharing more on this with you soon. 

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