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About The Unusual Pear 

My name is Rainie Owen and I am the weaver behind The Unusual Pear, a crafty little home-run business located in Newcastle, Australia.

I signed up for a Weaving Workshop with Peaches and Keen in Sydney, NSW in April 2014 when I was 35 weeks pregnant with my little Poppy. The therapeutic nature of weaving was a much needed creative outlet for me during my last weeks of pregnancy and it still brings so much joy and happiness into my life.

My first weaving loom was big, chunky and a little intimidating. After weaving away on this loom for a few weeks, the sides began to loosen and one day, after completing a full woven piece on this loom, I picked it up and the sides fell apart, taking the finished weaving with it.

Realising the demand for beginners weaving kits, I began prototyping my own weaving loom designs and in February 2015, I introduced my first range of beginner-friendly and affordable weaving looms and tools to the market. No other weaving loom on the market was/is as simple, lightweight or portable as our weaving looms. They are made from one single material, meaning no assembly or chance of parts loosening over time which has been a big part of The Unusual Pear's success. 

The Unusual Pear weaving looms and tools are made from beautiful FSC certified bamboo and each and every piece is sanded by hand in my backyard, resulting in soft and smooth edges and a really good quality product.

In April 2015, I completed a Saori Weaving Workshop with Kaz Madigan of Curious Weaver Studio in Old Bar, NSW. Weaving on a Saori loom was such an amazing experience and really opened up the world of weaving even wider for me. A Saori loom is a Japanese floor loom which allows you to create a continuous length of fabric operated by two foot pedals, keeping your hands free to focus on colour, weaving and creating. For weeks I couldn't stop talking about this workshop and my amazing partner surprised me a few weeks later with my very own Saori loom for my birthday. 

I also began learning the art of spinning yarns with a drop spindle in April 2015. There is such a feeling of fulfilment when you weave with yarns you have spun yourself and the methods of spinning yarn are just as therapeutic as weaving. I designed my first range of drop spindles in October 2015 with the experiences I had with the drop spindle I had been using for a few months. My spindles are made from FSC certified bamboo and Tasmanian oak and feature a petal design which allows you to anchor the spun yarn anywhere around the circumference of the spindle meaning quick and easy spinning!  

The Unusual Pear is always evolving with my ideas and passion to rethink designs, making old crafts fresh, exciting and interesting again. 

Thanks for stopping by, 

Rainie xx