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Heddle Bars



Beginner Heddle Bar - 34cm long (13.5")

Lil Sista Heddle Bar - 45cm long (18")

Big Mama Heddle Bar - 56cm long (22")


Laser cut from FSC certified bamboo and sanded by hand for a smooth finish. 

The Heddle Bar is used to open the shed of the warp, making it easy to slip your needle or shuttle straight through the warp without having to pick over and under each of the warps manually. This works really well for running long lengths of yarn straight across your loom. It can also be used for smaller, more detailed work with geometric shapes etc. 

This heddle is designed to work with a high density warp spacing.

I do not know weather this Heddle Bar will work with any other type/brand of loom. The warp spacing needs to match exactly with the notches of the heddle or it will not work. It also needs to fit exactly inside the frame of the loom in order to rotate properly.

How to use:

Step 1: Warp your loom with a single warp in every notch (miss the first and last notches of the loom. (Big Mama Only - Warp a small section in the middle on the back side of your loom - this will support the Heddle Bar through the mid section of the loom. This is essential as without the warp at the back, the heddle will not open the shed wide enough to slip the shuttle or needle through.)

Step 2: Slide the heddle behind the warps with the bars of the heddle on top of the sides of the frame, rotate back and forth to open the warp shed to practice

Step 3: Rotate the Heddle forward and pass the shuttle or needle through the opening

Step 4: Rotate the Heddle backward to open the alternate shed

Step 5: Beat down the last row with your fingers or weaving comb then pass the shuttle or needle through the opening again

Note: I find it best to rotate the heddle before compacting the weaving

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