Natural White Merino Roving

Natural Merino Roving

Colour: Natural, undyed
Weight: 50g / 100g / 200g / 500g (10% off)
Length: 3m per 50g
Micron: 22.5
Staple Length: approx. 7.5cm (3")

Merino wool is very soft with a closely spaced crimp. You can spin a fine woollen yarn using the long draw or a worsted yarn using a short draw. Merino is ideal for many fibre arts including weaving and spinning.

This Merino sliver is a 100% New Zealand product with wool from pasture-fed sheep from high country sheep stations. The sheep are well cared for and are not mulesed.

After the sheep are shorn, on the farm, the wool is carefully skirted and checked. Only wool that is sound, clean with good fibre length, bulk and colour is selected. It is sent to a boutique New Zealand mill to be dyed, carded and combed.

It is scoured (washed) using an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable detergent. The fibre is then gently opened and conditioned. Carding machines align the fibres and remove any foreign matter. It is then gilled and combed.


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